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Sara W.

" I loved my sessions I had at the center and Dr. Jody's adjustments as well! I loved how sweet and kind Dr. Jody was and the high vibe and integrity she carries and brings to her services. I look forward to having more appointments at the center! "

Peter H.

" Low back pain on level of 5 to 10 gone after 2 hour EE System session! Vision cleared to not needing glasses to drive home. Improvement in focus to the point of what it was in Vietnam. Major improvement in prostate problems. "


" I did an overnight and a few EE System sessions and my blood work from last month showed the 2 cancer markers finally went to the "normal" zone for the first time! "

Kim M.

" My husband and I both had profound healings after our EE System sessions. My husband had to cut his blood pressure medication in half for the first time in 6 years!. I have stomach issues, fibromyalgia and fatigue. The inflammation in my stomach has gone way down. The fibromyalgia pain has eased and my energy is much better! "


" The lymphedema in my right arm has improved and the swelling has done considerably after 1 session. It has continued after after 4 sessions and my arm is pain free. My blood count which I have checked each month due to cancer/medication has also improved. The doctor told me there wasn't anything I could do to help my blood count but after my EE Sessions there has been improvement. I have no side effects from the medication since I started the EE Sessions, no more fatigue, depression, nausea, brain fog.

I feel great!

Fernando S.

" I had a stroke with no signs of paralysis but I wasn’t able to talk and comprehend conversations.

After 4 2-hour sessions I noticed my communication, understanding and interpretation has improved! “

Don B.

" I was able to pass a kidney stone after my 3rd session. “

Louis S.

" I had blood in my urine for one week straight. After just one session everything went back to normal and I had no more blood in urine! “

J. B.

" I am 58 years old and I am being worked up for a defibrillator for my heart. I flew in to Newport to go to Dr. Jody's 24 unit EE System. I spent an overnight and two other 2-hour sessions and returned home. Within the next month I was re-evaluated again. To my cardiologist's surprise I had 40% more function in my heart and I do not need to have defibrillator inserted in my heart. "

Kelly G.

" I brought my mother to Dr. Jody's center because my mom had a prolapsed bladder. It was coming out.

She was going to have surgery but her blood pressure was too high so they wouldn't do it. I found out about the EE System and Dr. Jody center and did an overnight. One night and her bladder came up and is no

longer prolapsed. "

Jim B.

" I am 63 years old and have had psoriasis for 16 years. I did 3 hours in the EE System and my skin symptoms went from 10 to 5 that evening. I had neuropathy in my thumb and first two fingers. After the session I now have feelings in my fingers that I haven't had in 5 years! "

Vanessa L.

" I came to get a session at the EE System to seek alternative treatment for PSOS and Endometriosis.

After just few minutes I felt and intense pain in my abdominal area. I made an intention to release it and the pain was gone! From there the energy went towards my stomach, then the heart area, my throat and when it reached the top of my head I started having pain again. I told myself that whatever it is that my body is trying to release and heal I surrender. I took a deep breath and the pain stopped immediately! After that I started having images of people, the ocean, the forest and a little boy who called ma Nana. This experience has been so surreal I do not have words to describe it. I feel so much happiness that my heart swells! I look forward to my next session! "

Eve P.

" 1/24/23  YES TO EES!
Happy New Year Everyone! I was diagnosed with osteoporosis in 2021. Last year around July 2022, I had a total of 8 hr EES session, (2 hrs every week) at a 24 unit system in Innovative Quantum Wellness, Newport Beach California. Then I went to have a Dexa scan (bone density test) done in August, a month after the EES. The result showed that my bone density was increased to 5% and that I no longer have osteoporosis! This is really an amazing EE System tech! Thank you Dr Jody!


Bethany M. age 74

" My first 2 hour session was 3 weeks ago and I continued to experience the following positive results: regular morning bowel movements (without having to take something to keep regular); digestive issues are now 90% improved, no more acid reflux; energy improvement, I am doing so much more and feeling younger. “

Teri H.

" I highly recommend Dr. Jody Danese chiropractic skills and her Innovative Quantum Wellness Center. When I first came in, I had neurological muscular problems that doctors had not been able to help me with. I was in a lot of pain, walked very slowly with a limp and was on supplement oxygen. Today, I rarely have pain. I walk normally now. I have so much more energy and can go for longer without the supplement oxygen. I am getting my life back. I am so grateful for the amazing progress I have made at Dr. Jody's center. "


" The best place I had ever been and if it wasn't for that room I would not have been able to be talking. I had many strokes and a lot of blood cloths in my tubes, and I only have the EE System @thesystemoc to thank for this miracle healing. "

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